Anu & Nitika

Resident Blogger:
Anuja is a market researcher by profession and research definitely extends into her non-professional life! So, if it's not work then it's all about recipes, food blogs, restaurants, DIY crafts and party planning. Artsnbeyond captures some of her 'crafty' interests! Raised a south-Indian, she relishes her vatha kozhambu and curd rice and is passionate about tasting and making anything vegetarian! Anuja loves to travel with her husband, Madhav (M) and would like to be able to spend more time exploring and savoring tastes across the map! Anu lives in Santa Clara, CA and can be reached at

Part-time Blogger:

Nitika is a chemical engineer and works in the oil service industry. She is a food enthusiast and believes that her love for food and cooking originates from her fascination for the south-Indian cuisine. Nitika can be reached at