Friday, August 26, 2011

More Mocktails ....

Niti and I talked about my Citrus Fizz this morning; she mentioned how it is a big hit in her friends circle and I have to agree - if I had to name one recipe that I have made the most number of times, this drink wins hands down! It is a good combination of flavors and I have managed to make a lot of twists and variations to this recipe. This drink was inspired by a cocktail that one of our friends served at my grad school farewell party - thanks Noor!

All that said, I have been wanting to experiment on some new flavors! A few new drinks that I have made in the recent past are watermelon-limeade and pom-cran-soda (will post the recipes soon!). But in the meantime, check out these interesting mocktails I came across on some other blogs, definitely trying these very soon!

Here are a couple from Tania's blog - love the Italian Soda, the first on my to-do list; great pictures, Tania!

Italian Soda
Pic Source: TurtleCraftyGirl
Pic Source: TurtleCraftyGirl
Another one below from Cheri @ Kitchen Simplicity

Strawberries & Cream Soda
Pic Source: Kitchen Simplicity


  1. Nice pics. That melonade looks delicious and refreshing.

  2. Nice pics. That melonade looks delicious and refreshing.

  3. Credit for the melonade goes to


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