Monday, February 1, 2010

Citrus Fizz

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Serving Size: 6-8
Posted by: Anu

Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade - 1 can
Minute Maid Frozen Orange - 1 can
Sprite - 2 liters
Fresh orange - 1, sliced
Fresh lime - 1, sliced
Ice - 2-3 cups

In a punch bowl, pour the lemonade and orange, mix well and slowly mix in the Sprite. Add the orange slices, lime slices, ice and serve!!


  • If you are preparing the punch ahead of time, save the Sprite and ice for later. You don't want to lose the fizz or dilute the drink too much.
  • You can also add mint leaves. If preparing ahead of time, add it along with the frozen juices and if you are serving right away, crush the leaves in a mortar pestle before adding.
  • To kick it up a notch, mix in some vodka (250-500ml)!!!

April 2, 2011

I twisted the recipe a little bit. This time it was frozen orange (1 can), frozen limeade (1/4 of the can), 3-4 tbsp of honey, 2" ginger (I crushed the ginger, ran it in the blender with some water and added it to the drink mix through a strainer). Finally, added a 2 liter bottle of Sierra Mist right before serving!

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