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Beans & Carrots

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Posted by: Nitika
I tried this recipe in February of 2008 and it came out unexpectedly good. I am not sure if you will dig this 'non-masala' dish as much as I do, but I assure you it is a pleasant change from the regular way of making beans.

Here's the recipe:
green chillies
red pepper
a can of red kidney beans
shredded carrots
1 big tomato

cilantro (driedflakes)
cumin seeds
olive oil

In olive oil, saute cumin seeds, garlic, green chillies (cut length-wise in 1 inch strips), ginger - in that order. Add turmeric and salt. Then add shredded carrots. Cover the pan for a few minutes (5-7) and then add beans and red pepper and tomato (both tomato and pepper cut lengthwise). After stirring a bit, cover the pan and let it cook for another 8-10 minutes. Add cilantro in the end.

The dish looks so colorful - deep red from beans, bright red from pepper, green from chillies and that orange-ish red from carrots and because you don't overcook it, it doesn't become a mashed mass.

Eat it with roti and Bulgarian yoghurt! What a healthy meal!

BTW, my years of cooking (:-P) have taught me that the best way to get the garlic flavor in a curry is to saute it before onions, let it turn golden in the oil so the oil takes on that distinctive garlic flavor.

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