Friday, February 26, 2010

SRK's Feat

Anu just mentioned she is going to follow this menu HERE as a tribute to her God. I love (almost) all items marked Veg on it and would like to try out some myself, but Anu's resolve to begin from the top and follow it in order - one dish per day - is inspiring. I just wish I lived in her neighborhood so I could benefit from her drive.

In case you are wondering why the resolve - all of a sudden? Well, for one, the little master set a world record for a double century recently and it has got to be celebrated. Two, as it turns out, I am beating her to all her recipes. So, before there is nothing left to cook for her, she plans to get her act together and start cooking.

--- Nitika

Niti (being Niti!) is trying her best to get me to do a Julie Powell act. Well, I really wish I had the talent and dedication to take up a project like that. On February 24, 2010 - history was made by the one and only little master aka superman aka GOD aka champion aka master blaster aka Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar!! While the star dedicated his 200 NO to the cricket-crazy people of India, every cricket-crazy Indian was sure at a loss of words for his blitzkrieg performance!! So, while people dedicate words and blog posts and videos and pavilion stands to him, Nitika's suggestion here wouldn't be anything short of a dedication to this living legend! Well yah, may be someday I will brave a project like this...don't hold me up to it though!!!

--- Anu

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