Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The 5-Minute Falafel Sandwich


Bread - 2 slices (I used whole wheat)
Cheese - 1 slice (Reduced Fat Pepper Jack)
Jalapeno Hummus (If you are using pepper jack cheese, you could do plain hummus!)

Falafel - 2 (I used the frozen "heat&serve"
falafel available in Costco)
Onions - cut into flat, wide 2" pieces - 5 pieces (or according to your taste)
Tomato slices - optionalButter or Cooking oil spray

Heat tava and spray some oil and place the slices of bread. When it's toasted on one side, flip it over. Place the cheese on one slice and spread the hummus over the other. Microwave the falafel for a minute or less, remove and slightly press and place them over the cheese slice and arrange the onion slices. Now place the other slice and press the sandwich well on both sides and serve!

  • You can serve this with ketchup or any other tangy sauce. Other tangy/sour options would be some capers/olives. If you like Feta cheese, that would be the perfect choice for this sandwich.
  • I made the sandwich on a regular tava. If you have one of those panini presses, remember to use that instead!

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