Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Fever

 "Spring" and "Fever" seem to go very well together!!! The term "Spring Fever" is a topic discussed and studied extensively by scientists and doctors. While it takes into account both physical and psychological shifts in how humans respond to changing seasons, in a more general/layman sense it's simply how most of us become hyper sensitive to the winter-spring transition. As we welcome spring, we also welcome - unintentionally though - fever, cold, sore throat and what not! With the flu epidemic going around, Niti and I have been taking turns falling sick and hence the MIA from cooking and blogging..well, we'll just be happy it's not the Swine Flu!!!

We will be back soon unsick, motivated and charged up to cook up some spring special recipes!!! Till then, eat healthy, stay clean and AWAY from the bugs!!!

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