Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eggless Cake with Dates revisited....

This one's for my co-blogger!

Niti and I review our blog, the old posts and pictures once in a while, this helps us pick out typos, errors and in general improve the overall look and substance of our blog. There are some recipes that don't have a picture or some have a bad picture or we just want to twist a recipe with a different ingredient or even a different method of cooking/baking, the list goes on and on! When we do make changes, we try and re-publish those old posts.

During one such "nit(i)picking" session, Niti pointed out a very dull and boring picture on my "Eggless Cake with Dates" post. We both agreed that the cake had to be baked again just so we could have a better picture :) In my (lame) defense, I posted that recipe way back in my "point and shoot days". 

My husband and I had decided to eat out tonight so I found time to bake this cake today. This cake is one of my favorites, it's very very easy to make and as for the taste, it earned my personal connoisseur's "seal of approval" today!!! :)

You can find the recipe in my earlier post HERE!


  1. This looks really yummy...good you took the older pic out. :) Thank you!

    For some reason, my eggless cakes are never spongy. What's your trick?

  2. this pic looks lovely...i luv this nit(i)picking


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