Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Heart Drive!

Keeping fit and thinking about keeping fit are two very different things. How many times have you thought about rehashing your lifestyle to include some exercise and healthy eating habits? How many times have you actually started and have had a relapse? I believe that our resolutions fail because we get too rigid too fast. Instead of going full steam on a workout on day one, what if we try starting with a 5 minute simple routine and slowly ramp it up at our own pace? What if, instead of going vegetarian or fat free all of a sudden, we start with small changes to our diet, eliminating one objection item at a time? Food for thought (for once on this blog)!

In celebration of Valentine's, we at whatdoimake have decided to post heart healthy recipes this month. Of course, there will be those cookies and cakes being baked in the oven for that special Valentine dinner. But while we overdose on all the 'love' that one night, let's compensate by adding the 'heart' part to rest of our meals this month.

(Image courtesy Microsoft Office)

To help us with our drive, we would also like to invite those special recipes from our readers, the ones that you are so proud of and the ones that are reserved for days of purging after holiday eating! And not just the healthy recipes, we would also love to hear about what you will be making for your Valentine's special meal this year. Send us your recipes and we will feature them on our blog this month!


  1. You are right. We should take it slow - whatever we do. Iwill look forward to seeimg some brilliant recepies this month. Iam sending you one too.

  2. Hi! I will send you some recipes --- maybe the fat free paneer? Nalini


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