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VHD 2/12 - Hyderabadi Biryani (From Hema)

Our guest contributor, Hema sent another interesting recipe for Hyderabadi biryani that definitely qualifies as a heart healthy recipe for all the fresh vegetables and potent spices it has. Take a look at the recipe below.
Another way to win your sweetheart would be a BIRIYANI, a no-brainer! Sunday morning and hubby's like "I feel like eating Biriyani". Luckily,  I had all the spices in my pantry and researched a few recipes online. I added a few extra spices on my own and came up with the Biriyani paste which I guess is the 'secret to success'. Enjoy!!!!!

Hyderabadi Biriyani
Inspired by Hyderabadi Kitchen's RECIPE

 .  Basmati rice - 2-3 cups (this depends on the ratio of “rice to veggies” that you like)
 .  Jeera seeds – 2 tbsp
·   Sliced onions – 2
·   Carrot and peas – 2-3 cups
·   Ginger garlic paste – 2 tbsp
·   Coriander leaves – for the garnish
·   Mint coriander paste – (with a little water grind 2 cups of mint leaves and 1 cup of coriander leaves into a fine paste)
·  Yoghurt – 1 cup (whole milk yoghurt works better and if you use Greek yoghurt even better)
·  Few strands of saffron (soaked in about 2 tbsp of warm water)
·  Cashews – 10-12nos.
·   Salt to taste
·   Oil – 7-8 tbsp
·   Ghee – 4 tbsp

Biriyani Paste
·   Ajwain – 2 tbsp
·   Cinnamon – 1 stick (about 1-2 inches)
·   Fennel seeds – 2 tbsp
·   Cloves – 4
·   Cardamom – 4
·   Bay leaves – 5
·  Shah Jeera – 2 tbsp ( the regular jeera in your pantry should do the trick as well)
·   Coriander seeds – 1 tbsp
·   Grated coconut – 3 tbsp
·   Garam masala – 1 tbsp
·   Turmeric power – 2 tbsp
·    Chilli powder – 2 tbsp


1. Wash and soak basmati rice in water (rice to water; 1:1.25 ratio), add 5 cardamoms, 5 cloves into the water and mix it. Microwave this for about 3 mins and leave it aside for about 10mins.
2. Remove the cardamoms, cloves and pressure cook for 1 whistle (you can always leave the cardamoms and cloves if you’d like).

3. In 2 tbsp oil roast (on low) ajwain, cinnamon, fennel seeds, cloves, cardamom, bay leaves, shah jeera, coriander seeds, grated coconut .
4. After a few minutes add garam masala, turmeric power, chilli powder; mix it and immediately remove it from heat and let it cool. Add a little water and grind into a fine paste.
5. In a kadhai heat the oil, ghee, add jeera seeds and once it splutters add the onions, cashews, ginger garlic paste and cook for a few minutes.
6. Add carrot and peas and cook for a few more minutes.
7. Now add the Biriyani paste and cook on medium for about 5 mins.
8. It’s time to add the mint coriander paste and give it a good mix.
9. After about 2 mins add the yoghurt and cook on low for about another 5 mins.
10. Add salt to taste, saffron and mix well (I usually add the salt & saffron at this stage and is easier to mix once you add the rice).
11. Let the mixture sit for about a minute before you start adding rice.
12. Make sure to add one small serving of rice at a time, fold it with the veggies and continue this process until all the rice is added. (Note: Fold the rice in instead of just mixing it. This keeps the texture of rice intact)
13. Finally add the coriander leaves give it one last mix and its ready to serve. You can also garnish a little more coriander leaves, roasted cashews, deep fried onion rings.

Serve with raita or mirch ka salan on the side. Don't forget to add that yummy spicy pickle on the side as well!

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