"What Do I Make" is a casual Gtalk session turned reality! Every evening we would ask each other, "What do I make for dinner tonight?", and have a discussion of what best to make with the available ingredients in our respective kitchens. Over time, we compiled a handy go-to list of ideas for a quick meal, famously called Nitika's Quick Fix Dinner 101. But with the list growing, we soon realized that we needed to store our ideas somewhere and thus came the idea to blog. So, here it is - the blog with the original quick-fix dinners and some of our not-so-quick-fix recipes as well!

Over a year and so of starting this blog, we have evolved from our tried and tested recipes to more experimental ones, drawing inspiration from several of the blogs, some listed here. While we can not claim that all of the experiments turned out great, we shared the outcomes nevertheless, to invite discussion on how to improve the recipe. So, please feel free to comment and share your thoughts with us either on the blog or email us on whatdoimake@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you! Thank you to everyone who has written to us with comments and suggestions. Keep 'em coming!